Amanda Fata, M.A. RP


  • Level 2 TEAM-CBT certification has five levels based on training and mastery in TEAM CBT therapy skills— From Level 1 TEAM CBT therapist, through Level 5 TEAM-CBT Master Therapist & Trainer.
  • Individual Therapy (Age 18+)
  • Telemental Health
I Work With
  • Adults (Age 18+)
  • Anxiety/Fears/Phobias/Worries
  • Habits and Addictions
  • Panic Attacks
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Self Esteem
  • Stress
About My Practice

Do you often feel anxious and think the worst will happen? Do you worry, overthink, or have irrational fears? Or, have you experienced a traumatic event that is causing you nightmares, flashbacks or strong negative feelings? We can sometimes feel hopeless and wish our feelings could just disappear. To alleviate discomfort, we might avoid triggers or try to regain control by engaging in behaviours that hold us back from living a life that is aligned with our goals. If this is you, I can help.

My name is Amanda, I am a Certified TEAM-CBT Therapist (Level 2), CPT Provider and Owner of new mindset CBT. new mindset CBT is a virtual practice specializing in CBT for anxiety and related concerns. I believe structured therapy works. I work with you to understand your experience, set goals and teach you skills to build awareness and confidence. You are active in the change process, which helps maintain your progress.

Life is hard. Living with fear can be overwhelming. My aim is to give you tools that can ultimately help you live the life you want. If you think new mindset CBT is right for you, contact me for a free 15-minute consultation at or 867-334-7783.

ON, Canada
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