Who We help

Struggling with depression, anxiety, and relationships can be hard. We can help. Our CBT therapists are highly skilled at a proven approach that helps with a broad variety of challenges. We will work with you to get better faster. We strive to foster a climate that is welcoming to all people.


Have a particular life obstacle you're trying to overcome? Individual therapy with a Feeling Good therapist who specializes in your concern can help you get to the root of the problem in a warm supportive environment, overcome obstacles that hold you back, and equip you with tools for a lifetime of feeling good.


Feeling Good therapists specialize in helping couples overcome the most challenging problems. We use evidence based therapy and help with better communication and improving intimacy so you and your partner can overcome your greatest struggles and achieve the relationship you're after.

Children & Adolescents

It's overwhelming and confusing when your child worries excessively, has school or social challenges, has bouts of extreme sadness or other behaviors that concern you. We have adapted the most cutting edge therapy for children and adolescents to best help you and your family.

The Feeling Good Difference

Effectiveness Tracking

We track how helpful we are at every session to ensure we are making an impact and are on the right path.

Cutting Edge Skills

Feeling Good therapists have hundreds of hours of training in proven effective therapy to create strong, authentic connections with clients and use the most advanced CBT techniques.

Skills You Keep

We'll give you tools you can use to overcome future challenges on your own long after therapy is complete.

Our services

Online Therapy

Connect with a Feeling Good therapist over video in a secure and private, one on one environment, wherever you are. Learn more

Intensive Therapy

Longer and more frequent therapy sessions over a shorter time span has shown to accelerate recovery. We offer intensive treatment in both our Mountain View, CA and New York city locations. Learn more

In-Person Therapy

Prefer to meet in-person? We have treatment centers located in:

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Lower Fee Therapy

We believe everyone deserves access to high quality therapy, yet know that some can't afford it. That's why we offer therapy with therapists in training for a lower rate at our Mountain View, CA and New York city locations in person and online. Additionally, some of our therapists offer discounted fees.