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Your Path to Master TEAM-CBT Skills

TEAM-CBT certification has five levels— from introductory to master level. The levels provide a path to building your mastery in TEAM-CBT, recognizing you for your skills as you advance.

Level 1
TEAM-CBT Therapist
12 units in TEAM-CBT training.
Level 2
TEAM-CBT Therapist
24 units in Team-CBT training and verified use of TEAM-CBT tools.
Level 3
Advanced TEAM-CBT Therapist
Pass oral exam with role play to verify your skills in TEAM-CBT.
Level 4
Advanced TEAM-CBT Therapist & Trainer
Demonstrate your skill as a supervisor and a trainer in TEAM-CBT.
Level 5
Master in TEAM-CBT
3+ years as a trainer and peer recognition as a master in TEAM-CBT.
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Every minute you spend training with a TEAM-CBT certified trainer helps you earn credit towards certification

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Once you hit 12 hours of TEAM-CBT training you are eligible for level 1 certification


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What Our Certified Therapists Have To Say

Who can apply for TEAM-CBT Certification?

TEAM-CBT Certification is not open to the general public. Certification is intended for licensed mental health and medical professionals. Individuals who are pursuing licenses (e.g., students, trainees) or are working as  counselors without a license (e.g., certified personal or professional coaches, faith-based organization counselors, counselors in countries without licensing requirements) are welcome to apply for certification at levels 1-3. Trainer levels (4 & 5) are reserved for individuals who hold licenses in mental health or medical fields.


TEAM-CBT Certification only indicates a completion of training in a specific subset of therapy tools, known as TEAM-CBT. Certification does not substitute for comprehensive training in mental health or clinical treatment and it does not constitute and/or cannot replace licensure to practice.  

Apply for Certification here

What are the requirements for each level of TEAM-CBT Certification?

Review the Certification Requirements for each level.

How do I apply for Team-CBT Certification?

Calculate your Units for TEAM-CBT training received using the Certification Units Table. Review the Certification Requirements to determine the number of Units and other requirements for each level. After you have met full criteria, apply below. If you need a paper application, please email certification@feelinggoodinstitute.com

How do I pay the application fees?

Application fees can be paid online. If you are using a paper based application, you can choose to follow the instructions on the application to submit a check or credit card information.

How long will it take to process my application?

Application processing requires between 2-4 weeks. When your application has been processed you will receive an email confirming your application status. Unfortunately, we cannot send out confirmation emails when applications are first received.

How can I find TEAM-CBT training opportunities?

Level 4 and 5 TEAM-CBT Trainers offer training groups both live and via web-based video format. A list of Feeling Good Institute sponsored trainings can be found here. Level 4 or 5 Trainers, not affiliated with Feeling Good Institute, may also offer trainings that count toward Certification

Training received by a TEAM Trainer (in individual or group format) does not constitute clinical supervision; that is, neither the Trainer or Feeling Good Institute assume responsibility for your clinical work. Feeling Good Institute is not responsible for the quality of the clinical treatment you provide. Certification is only a documentation of training received. It is not the equivalent of licensure in any medical or mental health field.

Where can I find home study (asynchronous) courses?

Feeling Good Institute will launch asynchronous learning opportunities in 2021. Additionally, a listing of home study courses taught by David Burns are offered by the Institute for Better Health and will count toward certification. Note these are not hosted by Feeling Good Institute. Please direct questions about these courses to the hosting agency.

If I attend a training group led by someone who is not Level 4 or 5 TEAM-CBT Certified, can I count the hours?

We encourage all persons to form practice groups to improve their TEAM-CBT therapy skills. However, in order to maintain quality control of TEAM-CBT training, only groups led by Level 4 or 5 Trainers can count toward certification. Exceptions may be granted if the leader is pursuing Level 4 Certification and is receiving consultation from a Certified TEAM-CBT Trainer.. If you are interested in starting a training group, and would like mentorship, you are welcome to contact any Level 4 or 5 Trainer to seek consultation.

Will Feeling Good Institute visit my clinic or area to offer a workshop?

Dr. Burns may be contacted via his website to inquire if he will provide a workshop in your area. Contact Jill Levitt (admin@feelinggoodinstitute.com) to inquire about Feeling Good Institute hosted trainings.

What is the Ebook and where can I purchase it?

The Ebook is Dr. Burn’s interactive psychotherapy training manual. You can order it using this form on his website. Questions about the Ebook or purchasing process should be directed to Dr. Burns through his website.

What is the Therapist Toolkit and where can I purchase it?

The Therapist Toolkit is David Burn’s package of assessment and treatment tools for TEAM-CBT Therapy. You can order it on his website at this link. Questions about the Therapist Toolkit or purchasing process should be directed to Dr. Burns through his website.

If you are seeing clients via telehealth you need the 50+ electronic tools and telehealth license in order to use the tools electronically. The Therapist Toolkit is only licensed for photocopies and printing hard copies.

Where can I access the Brief Mood Survey (BMS) and Evaluation of Therapy Survey (ETS) forms?

These forms are only available in the Therapist Toolkit. The Therapist Toolkit is exclusively for sale from Dr. Burns and can be purchased via the order form via his website.

Is Certification dependent on my scores on the BMS and ETS?

We believe that testing with clients is an important way to understand your client’s progress and improve your relationship with your client. Your scores on these forms do not impact whether you receive certification.

I work in a setting where it is difficult to use testing. Can I still pursue certification?

We believe that testing is an integral part of TEAM therapy. We also understand that clinicians may experience limitations that may make routine testing or the use of the BMS/ETS difficult. Exceptions can be requested by emailing certification@feelinggoodinstitute.com

When will my referral information be posted on the Feeling Good Institute website?

Referral information is updated every 1-2 months. Depending on the time you submit your application, it may take up to 2 months to have your information posted on the website.

Are there fees to remain active?

Annual dues are only applicable at Level 1. While Level 1 certification status is life-long, ongoing listing on the FGI website and participation on the FGI listserv requires a $50 yearly fee. Clinicians who advance to TEAM-CBT Level 2 and beyond no longer pay annual dues.

Are there requirements to maintain TEAM-CBT certification across time?

We encourage all clinicians to actively maintain their TEAM-CBT therapy skills through ongoing training and practice. Level 1 and 2 clinicians have no requirement for maintenance of their certification. That is, Level 1 and 2 certification does not have an end date and nothing is needed to renew certification. Levels 3-5 require ongoing documentation of training or progress toward the next level of certification. Please carefully review the exact requirements for maintaining certification that are listed in the document titled “Maintenance of Certification Requirements” here

*For Level 4 & 5 Trainers certified as trainers prior to March, 2022, complete an 8 hour curriculum focusing on skills to incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) content into TEAM-CBT training by January, 2024.

Can my certification be revoked?

Certification can be revoked for license or ethical violations. It can also be revoked for violation of our anti-discrimination policy. Feeling Good Institute stands against discrimination. We believe in acceptance, inclusion, and equality. Discrimination against people based on identify status (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, ability status, country of origin, religion) is harmful and not tolerated. We understand the need for formative feedback and learning, thus we will make every effort to invite community members to humbly learn and grow when missteps occur. Hate speech, discriminatory practices, or harmful interventions (defined by clinician’s governing board) may result in refusing initial certification or revoking certification. This includes public statements or behaviors made outside of the TEAM-CBT community events or trainings. FGI maintains the right to deny or revoke Certification if safety of the community cannot be maintained because of a person causing harm to others. In the case that this policy is invoked, FGI will follow guidelines to offer a learning opportunity and then determine whether safety of the community can be maintained or if the person will have Certification denied or revoked. Guidelines include steps such as talking with the person, providing opportunities to learn (e.g., addressing the harm, renouncing a problematic statement or behavior), and consulting with other trainers.

How do I prepare for the TEAM-CBT Level 3 Exam?

TEAM-CBT Level 2 Certified clinicians interested in preparing for the exam should seek consultation from a Level 4 or 5 Trainer to help determine their readiness to prepare for the Level 3 exam. Upon receiving this approval, please request a copy of the exam content from FGI (certification@feelinggoodinstitute.com). The information will include a description of the exact skills you will be asked to demonstrate. All individuals who have passed the exam have either received 1:1 training (specifically focused on practicing the exam skills) or participated in the Fast Track course. Note that meeting the basic requirements of 12 certification units does not guarantee readiness to pass the test. That is, the minimum requirements for Level 3. 

How do I schedule the Level 3 Exam?

After you have received approval to take the Level 3 Exam, you may fill out the Level 3 online application and pay the application fee. Doing so will initiate your request to schedule the exam. After your application has been processed, you will be contacted and provided the names of two volunteer examiners who work together to administer your exam. The exam may occur in person or via web-based video communication.

Are there fees for the Level 3 Exam?

The Level 4 and Level 5 Trainers have generously donated their time to conduct exams for free. There may be a fee, to cover the examiners time, if you need to retake the exam due to failure to pass or if you cancel the exam at the last minute.

What if I do not pass the Level 3 Exam?

The exam is intended to be both evaluative and formative. If you do not pass the exam at the first administration, you are encouraged to begin receiving the support needed to successfully retake the exam. Generally, the best method of preparation is to receive 1:1 training from a Level 4 or Level 5 Trainer. Please click here to review the exam retake policy.

Who do I contact with additional questions?

Please direct questions to certification@feelinggoodinstitute.com