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Finding an exceptional therapist who is also available for your clients is often frustratingly hard. Feeling Good Institute is here to make your referrals seamless, effective, and trustworthy. 

World Class Care: Elevating Therapy

When you refer your clients to Feeling Good Institute, you're connecting them with world-class care rooted in groundbreaking approaches. Founded in 2013 by Drs. Maor Katz, Jill Levitt, and Angela Krumm, who trained with Dr. David Burns at Stanford University, Feeling Good Institute’s mission is to alleviate suffering by elevating the practice of therapy. 
We are one of the world’s leading training and treatment centers in CBT. And have trained thousands of therapists in our approach to effective therapy called TEAM-CBT. From the thousands we train, we carefully select the most effective therapists to become part of our treatment center.  Our dedicated therapists regularly and continuously engage in deliberate practice and skill development in evidence based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. With this approach we have positively impacted thousands of patients throughout the US and Canada. This legacy fuels our commitment to set the standards, train, and certify therapists in the processes of evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that are shown to be most effective, ensuring your clients receive the highest quality care available.

Collaborative Approach: Partnering for Success

When referring your clients to Feeling Good Institute, you're entering a collaborative partnership. We work closely with you to ensure the best possible outcomes for your clients, keeping you informed about their progress and collaborating on treatment plans when it makes sense.

Personalized Care: Unmatched Excellence

Feeling Good Institute therapists are meticulously selected and undergo continuous rigorous training.  To ensure they provide the highest quality care, our therapists participate in hundreds of hours of training and deliberate practice in effective therapy through our weekly system of continuous improvement. Each therapist is dedicated to skill enhancement and specialized expertise. Our therapists excel in addressing diverse challenges, from depression and anxiety to relationship issues, as well as unwanted habits, making them particularly adept at handling hard-to-treat cases.

Efficient, Effective, and Timely Care: Tailored Solutions

Your clients can expect rapid and substantial improvements with Feeling Good Institute's evidence-based techniques, typically resulting in notable progress within just five sessions*. And our commitment to swift appointment scheduling ensures your clients receive the essential support precisely when they need it most. Moreover, we have a range of tailored solutions to meet your clients' unique needs, including a distinctive Intensive 1:1 Therapy program that accelerates recovery through extended and more frequent therapy sessions over the course of a few weeks. We also offer lower-fee options with oversight by advanced clinicians, providing remarkable value. And, our counseling and psychiatric services are available both in-person and online, granting your clients' versatile and comprehensive care.

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