What is Intensive Therapy?

Intensive Therapy is a transformative approach designed to help you overcome a range of challenges including depression, anxiety, stress, relationship struggles, and low self-esteem, at an accelerated pace. This specialized program propels your healing journey forward with efficient, more frequent therapy sessions condensed into a shorter time frame. Unlike group therapy, this is a one-on-one immersive experience, tailored to fulfill your distinct needs.

How Does Intensive Therapy Work?

  • 1Schedule a Free 15-Minute Consultation: Connect with our Intensive Therapy Manager to determine if our program aligns with your needs. This brief conversation will help you gauge if intensive therapy is the right fit for your goals
  • 2 Receive Your Personalized Treatment Plan: Collaborate with our experts to create a tailored treatment plan designed exclusively for you. Addressing your unique needs and aspirations, this plan will be the roadmap to your progress
  • Feel Better Fast: Engage in intensive therapy sessions totaling 10 to 20 hours, spread over 2 to 14 days. Your commitment, combined with our proven approach, will guide you toward achieving your desired outcomes
Schedule a Free 15-Minute Consultation

Intensive Therapy Is Available Throughout Canada And Over 30 USA States

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Frequently Asked Questions

Intensive therapy is designed to provide longer and more frequent therapy sessions over a shorter time span to accelerate your recovery. It is one-on-one, not group therapy, and is tailored to your individual needs.

Common concerns that are a good fit for Intensive Therapy include social anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, generalized anxiety or worries, depression, low self-esteem, procrastination, and concerning habits. 

Unfortunately, our Intensive Therapy Program is not set-up to replace crisis services or hospitalization; Persons who are a good fit for our Intensive Therapy program are eager for help, but are stable, and desire new skills and further symptom relief. Also, we are not a medical facility, thus we are not able to provide detox services or accept patients who are actively dependent on substances.

The format for our Intensive Therapy Program is designed to meet your specific needs and address your treatment goals. Our most common model for video-based therapy is twelve hours of treatment booked over the course of two weeks. For example, you might have 90-110 minute sessions three times per week spanning two weeks. For clients who choose to seek in-person services in our Mountain View, CA or New York City offices, you might be offered to consolidate the treatment into a shorter visit (e.g., 3-5 days). Patients will also complete appointments for assessment, prior to booking the treatment, and may be offered follow-up sessions. 

Intensive Therapy is provided via video therapy in many US states and throughout all of Canada. We also have physical offices for in-person treatment in Mountain View, CA (approximately 45 minutes South of San Francisco) and New York, NY (Upper East Side) and a few other locations.  It is common for folks out of state or living internationally to visit one of these appealing travel destinations for treatment. Licensing laws in the USA and Canada prevent our therapists from working with patients across state and international borders. Your Coordinator will help determine the options available based on your location and needs. 

Intensive Therapy is usually a good fit for individuals ages 12 and older. Services for adolescents may not be available in all of the US states. 

Schedule a Free 15-min consult with the Intensive Therapy Manager. This meeting will start the process of learning about your goals and determining if an intensive may meet your unique needs. If both parties agree that Intensive Therapy may be a good fit, then coordination steps continue as described below. The following steps vary for adults (age 18+) and adolescents (ages 12-17) due to the involvement of parents/guardians in arranging treatment for adolescents. 

After the free 15-minute consultation, the second step (fee of $390) is to complete a 50-minute goal-setting session. Set-up services (e.g., treatment planning, assignment to best fitting counselor) are also included in this fee. For Step two, half of the charge may be refunded if a person decides, within 24 hours after the goal-setting meeting, not to pursue the treatment. The third step is a paid 50-minute meeting (variable fees) in which the client meets with the assigned counselor to do a final review of the established treatment plan, finalize scheduling, and get treatment started!.

After the free 15-minute consultation, the second step (fee of $490) is to complete a 45-minute goal-setting meeting with the adolescent and a separate 45-minute meeting only with parent(s)/guardian(s). Set-up services (e.g., treatment planning, assignment to and consultation with best fitting counselor) are also included in this fee. For Step two, the set-up services ($195) may be refunded if the family decides, within 24 hours after the goal-setting meeting, not to pursue the treatment. The third step for adolescents is a paid 50-minute meeting (variable fees) in which the adolescent and parent(s)/guardian(s) together meet with the assigned counselor to confirm the treatment plan, finalize scheduling, and get the treatment started!  

We encourage interested persons to carefully consider the finances available for this form of treatment. The outcomes can be profound, however the investment is significant. Each clinician sets their own fees. Costs vary depending on the clinician you work with and the total hours scheduled. The coordination services will help match you to an available provider and clarify the fees. On average, intensives booked for 12-18 hours range between $2400-$4500 USD. Clients in Canada are more likely to be able to access lower fee providers. Clients working with clinicians located in New York, California, or similar markets, can expect a range of $3000-$8000 for 12-18 hours of treatment. In limited cases there may be an opportunity to work at a reduced fee with one of our supervised mental health interns who have already completed a Masters degree in a mental health field. 

Under the Affordable Care Act, all insurance plans must cover mental health care. So, if you have health insurance, it should provide some coverage for mental health treatment.

We will be considered an “out-of-network” provider, which means that your insurance company may reimburse you directly for a portion of the fees paid. And we have opted out of Medicare. Your therapist can provide you with documentation of the care received that you can submit to your insurance company.

Our experience has been that most insurance companies do not reimburse a large portion of Intensive Therapy services. Please inquire with your insurance company to find out whether they will reimburse multiple hours per day of treatment in an outpatient Therapy setting.

No. The entire course of Intensive Therapy is tailored to your needs, and you meet with your provider without other patients involved. If you would benefit from adding group therapy, we can help you find supplemental groups.

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