Lara Zawacki, LEP


  • Level 1 TEAM-CBT certification has five levels based on training and mastery in TEAM CBT therapy skills— From Level 1 TEAM CBT therapist, through Level 5 TEAM-CBT Master Therapist & Trainer.
  • Individual Therapy (Age 18+)
  • Family Therapy
  • Child Therapy (Under Age 12)
  • Intensive therapy
  • Adolescent Therapy (Age 13-17)
I Work With
  • Adults (Age 18+)
  • Families
  • Children (Under Age 12)
  • Adolescents (Age 13-17)
  • Anxiety/Fears/Phobias/Worries
  • Attention Concerns/ADD/ADHD
  • Autism/Aspergers Related Struggles
  • Depression
  • Disability Concerns
  • Divorce
  • Family/Relationship
  • Gender Identity
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mood swings
  • Motor or Tic Disorders
  • Panic Attacks
  • Parenting
  • Peer Conflict
  • Procrastination or Motivational Problems
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Self Esteem
  • Sleep Concerns/Insomnia
  • Suicidal Thoughts
About My Practice

Hello!  I have been practicing as a licensed educational psychologist and credentialed school psychologist for over two decades and continue to love what I do!  While I apply TEAM CBT methodology in therapy and counseling sessions, I am able to individualize the process uniquely to each client based on age, development, and needs.  I can also provide educational consultation to families on how to access school-based supports for ages 2-20+, as well as customized assessments with detailed yet easily understandable psychoeducational reports.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, I am happy to help and look forward to talking with you!

169 Saxony Road Suite 111
Encinitas, CA, United States
  • Phone :(408) 205-1712
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