Tara Guden, LCSW

  • Level 1 TEAM-CBT certification has five levels based on training and mastery in TEAM CBT therapy skills— From Level 1 TEAM CBT therapist, through Level 5 TEAM-CBT Master Therapist & Trainer.
  • Individual Therapy (Age 18+)
I Work With
  • Adults (Age 18+)
  • Anxiety/Fears/Phobias/Worries
  • Depression
About My Practice

The fact that you're here means that you're ready for something in your life to change and you're looking for guidance about how to bring that desire to fruition. I hope after viewing my profile that I seem like a good fit to walk alongside you on this new path you'd like to make in life. It's always an honor when someone confides and trusts in me enough to help them through deeply private and painful life experiences.

A little more about me: My specialty is working family caregivers, older adults and aging issues (including dementia). I have over 10 years of experience working with these populations.

I am in the process of shifting my clinical focus to Adults with Depression and Anxiety. I use cognitive behavioral therapy to provide some relief for these conditions. I am specifically trained in the TEAM framework and I am a Level 1 TEAM-CBT certified clinician.

I also have experience and interest in supporting adults with post partum issues, chronic health conditions, grief and loss, and life transition.

My demeanor in sessions is warm, open and down to earth. I enjoy using humor in sessions whenever appropriate. I'm very solution oriented and work with people towards achieving the changes they're seeking in their lives in order to feel happier and healthier.

Whether you ultimately decide to speak with me or someone else, I'd like to acknowledge what an accomplishment it is to be where you're at already. Looking for a therapist in and of itself means you've already started the beginnings of something new. You're on a great path already, one full of promise and hope. I wish you peace and happiness however you continue move forward.

**If you currently have financial limitations and are in need of a TEAM therapist that allows reduced hourly rates I see clients through Open Path. There is a once lifetime membership fee of $49 and then my hourly rate for those that qualify is $60/session. I am taking new clients. My Open Path profile is here: https://openpathcollective.org/clinicians/tara-guden/

CA, United States
  • Email :taragudenlcsw@gmail.com