Pre-Licensed Associates — interested in a career in private practice

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We’re transforming therapy to therapy that is warm, data-driven, effective in less time, and continuously improving. We are looking for Advanced TEAM-CBT therapists to join us.

What We Offer


You'll be part of a warm, supportive community, dedicated to learning and excellence in effective therapy.

Professional Growth

You'll get access to weekly training, consultation groups and other growth opportunities to help you improve your skills and gain support for your most difficult cases.

Time For What You Love

You'll gain the credibility of a practice serving clients in over 20 states, marketing support and referrals, plus practice management services to free up your time for client care.

How To Join

Become TEAM-CBT Level 2 Certified or Above

Every minute you spend training with a TEAM-CBT certified trainer helps you earn credit towards certification

Let us Know You're Interested

Once you hit 12 hours of TEAM-CBT training you are eligible for level 1 certification


You'll be in the community and will be plugged into tools, skills and support to help you achieve your professional goals

Take the Core Skills for Effective Therapy On-Demand course. Earn 9 CEs and become TEAM-CBT Level 1 certified.
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Our Qualification Criteria :


TEAM-CBT Level 3 Certification


by a TEAM-CBT trainer as an effective therapist


60 hours or more in TEAM-CBT training


Pass level 3 skills verification exam

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