Testing at the beginning and end of every session is used to understand your improvement, identify stuck points, provide feedback to your therapist, focus, and make modifications that accelerate your recovery.


TEAM-CBT therapists specifically train in multiple empathy skills that help them establish a warm therapeutic alliance with you. Most people benefit from having a place to talk freely and openly, knowing that they can just be themselves and that they will be accepted, valued, understood and respected. We believe that the empathic connection is a necessary ingredient for successful therapy. And that even the most sophisticated methods are more effective once the empathic connection has been established.

Agenda Setting

TEAM-CBT therapists use a five-step method to understand your goals, create a collaborative agenda with you, increase motivation and help you remove obstacles necessary to achieve the change you want.


TEAM-CBT therapists use over 100 powerful cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal methods to help you with depression, low self esteem, anxiety, stress and trauma, unwanted habits, relationship concerns and more.

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