Feeling Good Institute Certified & Affiliated Therapists


No Feeling Good Institute Certified & Affiliated matches were found in your state. Therapists can only practice in the states/province they are licensed in.

Please try another search, consider intensive treatment at either our Mountain View, CA or New York city locations or see local Community Certified TEAM-CBT Therapists listed below.

Community Certified Therapists

Certified Therapists that are not Feeling Good Institute Affiliated are certified in TEAM-CBT with an unknown degree of continuous rigor in it’s practice

Linda Ritchie PHD
Level 1
Individual Therapy (Age ....

I help people struggling with anxiety and self-sabotaging behaviors find relief and gain control.  I specialize in T.E.A. M. Cognitive Behavioral Therap...Read more

Donald C. Jaskulske CLIN. PSYCH
Level 1
Individual Therapy (Age ....

I conducted psychological evaluations for ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Executive Function issues, Personality, Competence to stand trial and Bariatric surger...Read more