Get to Know Shiveta Gandotra, Ph.D, AMFT, APCC

Shiveta Gandotra, Ph.D, AMFT, APCC discovered TEAM-CBT during her graduation program at Palo Alto University!

Let’s discover more about her experience…

TEAM-CBT Certified since…

August 2023


How did you discover TEAM-CBT?

I heard about Dr. David Burns and Team-CBT during my graduation program at Palo Alto University.


What are your specialties / clients you love to work with?

I like working with adolescents, young adults and adults.

My specialties are habits and addictions, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorders, and also soft skills like (cognitive flexibility, empathy, confidence, stress tolerance) that are so incredibly important for success in work, relationships and life.


What is your favorite TEAM-CBT technique?

That is a hard question, there are many I like. I like role playing techniques the most and also Externalization of Voices.


What are you reading or listening to?

I am reading Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence by Anna Lambke, MD

And being the mother of two toddlers, the top song on my List is Baby Shark by Pinkfong


Please share a fun fact about yourself.

I bungee jumped from the Kawarau Bridge at Queensland, New Zealand and thought I was going to die. I love adventures and going to new places. 


Connect with Shiveta on LinkedIn. 

Shiveta Gandotra, Ph.D, AMFT, APC


Shiveta practices TEAM therapy, a framework for effective psychotherapy developed by Dr. David Burns. If you're interested in learning more, please reach out to Shiveta Gandotra, Ph.D, AMFT, APCC to book a free consultation. 

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